Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Basic Blog Tips -Few tips for Beginner Food Bloggers

Blogging is such a wonderful experience; we all Food Bloggers know that. After 2 years of Blogging, I thought of sharing my experience, tips & tricks with other fellow beginner Food Bloggers. Mostly what I share here is my experience with my food blog Food Corner.If you search for Blog tips,there are many posts from experts.But here I will share specific tips as a Food Blogger.
Hope you all beginners will enjoy my posts.
As a start,I will share few basic tips you can apply to your  Food Blog at the starting of the blog.

1)Set a Goal

It is needed to define a goal for your Food Blog. What is your aim? Are you trying to write down your journey? or simply blogging for fun & as a hobby? or have a thought of earn from the blog in future? or want to establish as an expert in this field? There are many more. Just think about it & define a goal. So it is easy to achieve your goal. Also set a target time. It can be 3 months goal or 1 year plan.
When I start my Food Blog, my goal was simply to share Sri Lankan Food Recipes with detailed pictures. Because at that time, I couldn’t find blogs or sites with food pictures. After 2 years, now my blog is popular among recipe searchers & most of searches are for Sri Lankan Food pictures.
2)Select your Audience

You can see who visit more to your blog. So,try to plan your posts matching with your audience. Gain your readers attraction by giving them a good suitable article.
When I started my Food Blog,I only shared Sri Lankan Food Recipes. But in few months I understood, my audience is not only from Sri Lanka. They are from all over the world. So I slowly changed my post topics. Now I share recipes from different cuisine in my blog & with this change I could gain more readers.
3) Post frequently

This is important to keep your readers attraction with your blog. Try to post at least 2-3 posts per week. This is not easy for a busy blogger. But it is true, if you post more frequently, then you will gain more readers.
As an example, Food Corner was popular among fellow bloggers last year. But as I had to do some studies, I couldn’t post frequently. So my daily traffic was not increasing. It was same as last year until this September. After studies, I started to post frequently. Amazingly ,my readers are back again. They engage with the blog & even my daily traffic count is much more bigger now.Almost going to be doubled than last year.But all these things are within this 3 months of continuous blogging.
4)Be inviting & be yourself

Communicate with your readers in your blog post. Write your post in a way talking to your reader. So they feel talking back with you. Ask questions in your post. Ask them to comment. Same time you can share your post in social media like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Just don’t share the post link. Talk with them & share the link. So your readers will feel to reply & engage with your posts. Just don’t write your blog post as a report. Communicating is the success for Food Corner Facebook page. Take a look & see how I share a post.
5)Keep learning

Every day there are new tools available to bloggers & even there are new social media sites become popular suddenly. Keep eye on these changes & try to adopt. When I just started blogging, the blog events were arranged manually. We had to attach a photo & email it to the person who hosted the event. So I cannot remember many Blog events that time. Do you remember that time & blog events?
But now? Almost all bloggers hosts events easily by using linky tools. Even a giveaway is easier to arrange with new tools.

Hope you all beginners got some idea from this post. I would like to know how you feel about this post. Please leave a comment about your thoughts and ideas.And feel free to share this post with others....
Have a Great Day!