Thursday, 3 January 2013

Cookbook Project of Chef Duminda & Amila

Cookbook Project of Chef duminda and Amila
Recently Chef Duminda & Amila  had a discussion on publishing a cookbook. Chef Duminda as a celebrity, shares his recipes with others. On the other way, Amila shares her recipes as a working professional or working wife. How do we combine this both ends? Can’t, housewives cook restaurant style recipes? This is the basic idea of this new cookbook.
Actually we need to give the idea that every housewife can cook dishes like a chef. Amila as other Food Bloggers; tries to do adventures in her cooking. But some, they think that they cannot cook in a style.Therefore Chef Duminda’s  main idea is to share some recipes which anybody can try at home. For that he asked Amila to join  with  this cookbook as she represents a busy working wife, but still find her time to cook at home. Sooner, You will be able to read the cookbook of a combination of a Chef and a working wife.
From Chef Duminda’s view, he needs to make people aware of good, clean food. He never use MSG or other flavours that is not healthy to get the taste. Using natural ingredients and spices, he gets the taste of food. He has a main idea to make people aware of the importance of Good clean food.
On the other way, Amila never uses MSG or even the flavour sachets inside some food. She mostly tries to use natural ingredients and rarely use any sauces for her cooking. Though it is difficult and time consuming with traditional cooking, still she tries to adapt traditional cooking methods to her cooking.
We will update you time to time with the details…..What is your idea? Do you think a cookbook of combination of a Celebrity Chef and a working wife would be a success??We try to meet ideas of two different ends into one cookbook!!!Please share your comments below to make this project a success!!
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  1. Awaiting to see your cookbook with chef Duminda. Hope it will publish very soon.

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