Monday, 31 October 2011

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Friday, 28 October 2011

Food Blog Events

Finally I could create the blog for Food Blog Events.

Food Blog Events is still less than one month old. It was created few days ago & still under construction. Amazingly it is growing faster. So I thought of having a blog for it too, even it is under construction.

Basically it is a place to find Food Blog Events & Giveaways to those who like to participate.

Again it is a place to share your own Food Blog Event/Giveaway. Also we will have a separate album for each Recipe Roundups after an event.

How to submit an Event?

Simply share your event announcement which includes Closing Date & also the Logo.
All the Logos will be uploaded to the Monthly Event Post.(Once a new event is added,I will repost the blog post,so that you will see the latest updates)
Make sure to submit the Event Roundup link too as it will attract people to your Blog.

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